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High Desert Gems & Minerals

High Desert Gems & Minerals has quality gem mines for sale in Nevada and Oregon, including Oregon Sunstone. 

VARISCITE CLAIM: Beautiful nugget turquoise mine in Nevada, $10,000.  Blue-green turquoise nuggets exposed in the old cuts on mountain side.  On Pilot Mountain near Tonopah, NV.

OREGON SUNSTONE CLAIMS:  Sunstone claims include 20 acre claims $10k each, in area that has produced red colored quality sunstones.  Also, our company prospected and found big red sunstones here, a self-proven Oregon sunstone claim for $50k, exposed pit near the Dust Devil Mine. 

If you are interested please phone   or Chris 775-772-7724 (he also texts).or send an email to us.  Thanks.

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