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High Desert Gems & Minerals


High Desert Gems & Minerals

High Desert Gems & Minerals has quality gem mines for sale in Nevada and Oregon, including Oregon Sunstone. 

GOLD CLAIMS: Just type it in the search engine, “Mono Diggings”, maybe even get the book and get inspired! This place is soooo gorgeous and the history is written, up to one pound a day hand digging... Or so the story goes. The Mono Diggins Claims consist of three 20 acre claims loaded with fine gold and accented with history and scenic views of Mono Lake. Located north of Mono Lake in California, just off highway 395. 4x4 is not necessary to access this claim. Cost is $20,000 for all three claims.

TURQUOISE CLAIM: Beautiful nugget turquoise mine in Nevada, $10,000. Blue-green turquoise nuggets exposed in the old cuts on mountain side. On Pilot Mountain near Tonopah, NV.

OREGON SUNSTONE CLAIMS: Sunstone claims include 20 acre claims $10k each, in area that has produced red colored quality sunstones. Also, our company prospected and found big red sunstones here, a self-proven Oregon sunstone claim for $50k, exposed pit near the Dust Devil Mine. 

If you are interested please phone Jessica 775-830-5797 or Chris 775-772-7724 (he also texts).or send an email to us. Thanks.

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