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Oregon Sunstone Catalog

Sharis Cottier Shank carving

Oregon sunstone is one of the most well known rare gemstones found solely in Oregon.  It is a sought after by many faceters world-wide.  Spectrum Sunstone Mines provides quality Oregon Sunstone to the gem world.  We hope you enjoy the following pages which include a few pictures and basic descriptions of the Oregon Sunstone material we have to offer. 

** Please note: Thanks to Robert James president of the International School of Gemology and Lisa Pike for efforts exposing the truth behind Andesine, a copper diffused and dyed stone that looks similar to the Oregon sunstone. High Desert Gems & Minerals’ Oregon sunstone is 100% natural, from the ground to you.  We will NOT sell bulk yellow sunstones to Chinese dealers that will in turn dye them, market them as natural, and then sell them in a booth next to us.

For all questions concerning our material available please feel free to contact us:

or send an email to
info @ High Desert Gems And Minerals . com

Rough Oregon Sunstone for faceting

Faceted Oregon Sunstone - loose

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